Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Defense of Pizza

When I met Goober his main food groups were chicken, cheeseburgers, pasta, and pizza. As I’ve already mentioned, pizza is also one of my main vices. Which is why, when we decided to adopt healthier eating habits, we knew pizza would have to fit into the equation somehow. We still eat pizza probably once a week, which is likely a lot more than most people do, but we’re smarter about it. We’re no longer swayed by “Giant Box” deals or talked into buying bigger pizzas than we need. We each get one small Dominos pizza and neither of us finishes that. Mine is gluten-free (I’m trying to watch carbs some now) with lots of veggies, and his is plain cheese. Mine is about 155 calories per slice and his 200, according to Dominos’ nifty Cal-o-meter. While not the ideal meals, they’re certainly more justifiable than the large, extra cheese, sausage pizzas we used to get that would clock in at 350 a slice. But the best thing about allowing ourselves pizza once a week? It tastes good. And six months down the road we’re not going to skid off the tracks and go on some wild pizza bender, hitting up every pizza shop in town just to get our fix. (P.S. Tonight was pizza night. And I liked it. Goober did too.)

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  1. Pizza is one of my downfalls. I LOVE PIZZA! So today in an effort to save money, I made a stove top "pizza". I used an english muffin (my favorite thing ever)and grilled it just a little in the pan then put a little pizza sauce, mozzarella, italian seasoning, and turkey pepperoni that I fried in the pan. By fry I really mean that I just sprayed some fake butter on the pan and let them crisp up haha It was much more delicious than I thought it would turn out to be! However, Domino's is much more convenient. And amazing.