Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Burger Baseline

Today at work two different people were eating hamburgers, which put my hamburger craving into overdrive. I figure everyone has a standard level of hamburger craving, which is his or her baseline, but today mine spiked out of control. After work I went straight to our local Publix to pick up the supplies. Fresh ground beef patties, mushroom slices, cheddar cheese, and a hamburger roll for Goober. That’s one of the really cool things about Publix; their bakery will split almost any package into any size you want. You just bring it to the counter and say, “hi, I don’t need eight hamburger rolls because I only live with one other person and that’s wasteful. Could I please have only two of them?” (Maybe not in those exact words) and they do it, and only charge you for what you buy. But I digress.

After Goober got off work I set about making our burger deliciousness. I sautéed my mushrooms with Worcestershire sauce (seriously, how good is Worcestershire sauce?) and started cooking the burgers in a skillet because what with apartment living and all, we don’t have a grill. The burgers ended up a little bit on the rare side for me because I’ve developed this bad habit of undercooking my food. This isn’t because I actually like my food rare; on the contrary, I prefer it closer to well done. However, I have the tendency to get impatient while cooking it and decide it’s finished possibly earlier than it should be.

But the burgers and Ore Ida crinkle fries were still delicious. Were they healthy? Not exactly. Were they healthier than McDonalds? Most probably. Did they make me feel good because I knew (for the most part) what I was putting in them and that they weren’t full of crazy preservatives and fryer fat and grossness? Absolutely. And that, to me, is what this journey is all about. Awareness and less grossness.

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